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What is Fukuyama Shachu?

Fukuyama Shachu was established to draw out the strengths of individuals and organizations in the community, to act autonomously, and to provide various opportunities to develop, contributing to solving local challenges more quickly and broadly.

There's still much potential in the community. While there are many challenges, there are also numerous individuals and organizations with the desire and ability to tackle these issues. What's currently lacking in the community is diversity in information and personnel. By sharing cutting-edge information on technology and problem-solving expertise in the community and connecting individuals and organizations with expertise, the resources of the community can flourish.

"Sta-sh", where business owners become mentors and provide opportunities for entrepreneurial experiences.
"STUily", a third place for high school students that isn't school or home, offering diagonal connections with local adults.
The "Setouchi Business Contest" that generates businesses leading the Setouchi area.

All of these projects were born from individual concerns, using Fukuyama Shachu as a platform where diverse members participate and collaborate.

Mr. Fumiaki Kobayashi serves widely as the representative director.

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