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Ties Trust Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive insurance agency with branch offices nationwide. We have been working together since the previous website development, and now, as an opportunity with our headquarters relocation, we have decided to renew our official website to further propel our progress.

With our headquarters in Osaka and 11 branches spanning from Sapporo to Okinawa, we are a highly dynamic company, with an average employee age of 32. Our headquarters has moved to "Namba Sky O" in Osaka's Chuo Ward, and we are excited about the future development! The headquarters has been designed with architectural aesthetics, creating a stylish and delightful office space where everyone would want to work. As we worked on the planning, design, and construction of the website, we couldn't help but think, "Someday, we would like to work in a place like this too!"

Regarding the design, we have crafted a design with gentle colors and fluid movements, aiming to make it visually appealing to everyone. As for the top video, it consists of footage showcasing various regions and cityscapes where our branches are located. This video is also played at the entrance of our headquarters, providing a unique sense of hospitality. We look forward to making new proposals and utilizing the website to its fullest potential.

At Lopolodesign Creation (our company), we handle a wide range of requests, including website design, site management, and various printed materials. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

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