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Drone-Biz Website

It's no secret that drones take stunning aerial photos and videos. Equipped with 60fps 4k cameras, the sky is literally their limit. However, these days we also rely on drones to survey vast areas quickly or inspect hard-to-reach places dangerous for humans.
We at Ropolo Design Creation are exited to announce a new website we've launched, Seibunsha Printing Co.,Ltd.'s "Drone-Biz". Working from the Fukuyama, Hiroshima Drone-Biz performs aerial photography, land surveys, building and solar panel inspections, all with a national service area.
We worked to create a site with easily navigable news and event coverage as well as descriptive pages for the various services Drone-Biz offers.
Drone-Biz is staffed with pilots accredited by the Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA) to conduct high-definition aerial photography as well as building/solar panel inspections as well as run drone-education events for children. In addition to these services, For drone-based services in Japan, have a look at the links below!
【Drone Biz Links】
Drone-Biz official site: Aerial photography, inspections, events, agribiz, and courses
Drone-Biz runs a web-store for high quality stock photography and video!
As well as a Drone-Biz merch shop!