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We at Ropolo Design Creation are proud to announce our work with équrer Journey to my Total Beauty's branding goods!
The spa features body, facial, epilation, and relaxation courses and each room is equipped for a fully luxurious and private experience. We worked to express this ideal in équrer's branding identity, starting with its logo revamp.
équrer is an acronym, made of a combination of "earth," "queenly," "universal," "refine," "endear," and "rose." Working with this imagery, we started with designing the logo, then moved on to équrer branded business cards, fliers, gift tickets, a brochure, and a luxury member's card design. The member's card is printed on specialty thick paper with a slightly rough texture, and on its surface the équrer logo is stamped in gold leaf to celebrate équrer's premium aesthetic.
I think équrer's name does it best: come on a Journey to my Total Beauty today!