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Manufacturing Workforce Promotional Site "Genba-danshi"

Focusing on the youth and their careers in the industrial workforce, "Genba-danshi".
Originating in 2013 in Osaka, the Genba-danshi project has since expanded to a national scale, including Kitakyushu, Aizuwakamatsu, Kawasaki, as well as Fukuyama.
The site introduces readers to images of area youth working various industrial jobs, from machine operation to product inspection. The images capture the youths' finding joy in work as they carry on Fukuyama's industrial work.
Working with Fukuyama City and with the support of a publishing company, Ropolo Design travels to area workshops to photograph workers and their workplaces. We also work on the website, handling management and article updates
As common as workshops are in Fukuyama, many of us don't usually get to see the insides or the employees at work. So head on over and take a look at the Genba-danshi website now!

▼Genba-danshi Website (jp)

Also, check the link below for recruiting & publishing information for Fukuyama Genba-danshi. Please use the listed e-mail address for inquiries. (jp)