// Fukuyama Mizuho Danshukai


Fukuyama Mizuho Danshukai Website

We worked together with the non-profit Fukuyama Mizuho Danshukai to create a website for their organization.
Fukuyama Mizhuho Danshukai is a non-profit organization for people seeking help with alcohol dependency. It is a haven for those looking to live an alcohol-free life, and experienced group members to give advice to participants.

Meetings are held at least once per week at the Fukuyama Shimin Sankaku Center, near JR Fukuyama Station. Meetings are also held at Fukuyama City Hall, Numakuma branch, in South-West Numakuma-cho, Kusabuka.

Fukuyama Mizuho Danshukai functions as a support group for those with alcohol problems. Many members have families and those they care for, and the group atmosphere is open to encourage easy conversation.
They accept inquiries via their website at all hours, so if you or a loved one is interested in stopping drinking, please reach out to Fukuyama Mizho Danshukai.

【Meeting Locations】
■Fukuyama Shimin Sankaku Center

■Fukuyama City Hall, Numakuma branch