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Fukuyama Sangyō Gijutsu Map

Business, manufacturing, technology -- the pride of Fukuyama -- presented in a new portal site: Fukuyama Sangyō Gijutsu Map.
Fukuyama, a manufacturing city located in Hiroshima. The companies here that both hone the manufacturing technology and produce wide-ranging goods from machinery and electronics to foodstuffs are gathered together on this portal site for reference and access.
Working with Fukuyama City, we at Ropolo worked to make a directory of various manufacturers that would create connections both between businesses and customers, and Fukuyama Sangyō Gijutsu Map was born. We organized the various companies into categories (Manufacturing・Parts, Technologies, and Business Type) and included a function to search by product, technology, and enterprise.

The site is current, as we also handle updating the site's directory. At the time of writing, over 280 businesses feature on Sangyō Gijutsu Map.
The site showcases a truly wide-range of enterprises and products, so feel free to stop on by and check out Fukuyama's business, manufacturing, and technological pride at Fukuyama Sangyō Gijutsu Map!

【Fukuyama Sangyō Gijutsu Map】 (jp)