// Fukuyama Hachimangu


An Oasis for Peace of Mind

It is believed that there are over 80,000 Shinto shrines in Japan. Over half, nearly 44,000, all called Hachimangu after the gods enshrined within.
Hachimangu shrines receive their name from the "Hachiman Sanshin", the collective name for the three gods usually enshrined together within. They are Emperor Ōjin, his mother Empress Jingu, and the Himeokami, who is the Three Munakata Goddesses represented in a single divinity. The Hachimangu head shrine is Usa Jingu, which is located in Usa City, Oita Prefecture (not the United States!)
Long ago, Fukuyama Hachimangu was established in a different location than today, but when the samurai Mizuno Katsushige's construction of Fukuyama Castle in the 17th century had the shrines relocated.
Fukuyama Hachimangu is a very familiar place to Fukuyama residents, and it serves to be a place for relaxation, an oasis to find peace of mind. Rare for shrines in Japan, it has two symmetrical shrines in the east in west with roads running parallel to them, which I find very beautiful.
I'm sure some readers are hesitant to visit Fukuyama Hachimangu with the threat of Coronavirus continuing into this year. To that effect, Hachimangu works hard to implement measures against infectious diseases so that such people can visit with peace of mind.
With the times as they are, it's hard for us to go on far away trips. Why not give Fukuyama Hachimangu a try and visit a local god?

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