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Kadoi Co.,Ltd.'s Logo Design

Ropolo Design worked with Kadoi Co.,Ltd., producers of Japanese-style ingredients and foodstuffs, to produce their original corporate logo.
Kadoi built their brand on an attention to quality and devoting themselves to taking the extra step to manufacture products that embody the spirit of Japan's rich food culture, and in so garnering themselves both domestic and international acclaim.
We were tasked with creating a logo that evokes both their 45-year history and Japanese legacy while also supporting their global enterprise vision.
Conceptually, the logo's intent is to communicate ""the Japanese people's finely honed sense of taste,"" and that ""Kadoi spares no effort to produce ingredients of the highest quality."" In this effort, we chose to modify Kadoi's namesake Kado (門) to serve as the logo, highlighting the beauty of kanji arranged in a Japanese way.

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