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We at Ropolo Design Creation were tasked with creating Kajiwara Kagaku Kogyo Co.,ltd.’s website.
Kajiwara Kagaku Kogyo manufactures films and plastic products used for various purposes such as food packaging, industrial products, pharmaceuticals, printed matter packaging, and daily necessities.
Nestled in Hiroshima Prefecture’s Fukuyama City, Kajiwara Kagaku Kogyo was founded in 1956 and has been making products that are relied on by many customers due to their high degree of product safety and hygiene.
In response to the shortage of plastic medical gowns brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, they have begun gown production in cooperation with Ota Memorial Hospital. Their joint effort with local medical facilities has been featured in the news. (Article linked below)
Kajiwara Kagaku Kogyo’s website is linked below, so take a look at their MADE IN JAPAN products that are used every day across a wide variety of fields.

【Yahoo! News「医療用マスクやガウン不足に中小企業の底力「無いものは作る」新型コロナ」】(JP)

【Kajiwara Kagaku Kogyo’s website】 (JP)