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Hospital Nurse Recruitment Page

Serving Fukuyama's population of 470,000, Brain Attack Center Ota Memorial Hospital (hereinafter Ota Memorial Hospital) worked with Ropolo Design Creation to launch their new Nurse Recruitment website.

In addition to their wide-ranging services in emergency and home care, Ota Memorial Hospital also acts in the community as a resource for medical education.

"Anata he, atatakana, omoi yari." - Ota Memorial Hospital Nurses' Slogan
From the nursing staff and other treatment divisions to the area medical industry, the hospital works to connect these professionals and implement quality care, giving breath to their slogan every day.

Ota Memorial Hospital recruits nurses from both in- and out-of-prefecture including local nurses from Fukuyama. We hope the recruitment page will introduce a whole new wave of applicants to Ota Memorial Hospital. Recruitment details can also be checked on Ota Memorial Hospital's Instagram page, so please have a look♪