// Setouchi Drone Promotion Council

The Future of Drones in Setouchi

Today, I would like to introduce our work with the "Setouchi Drone Promotion Council".

While the number of companies developing businesses using drones is rapidly increasing in the Bingo area, the Setouchi Drone Promotion Council was born as an organization where not only one company's business but also different industries gather.

The Setouchi Drone Promotion Council aims to contribute to the spread and development of drones in society and the economy by advocating cooperation between the public, private sector, industry, and academia.
On the website, you can see business introductions such as aerial photography using drones, inspections using infrared cameras, surveying, and contents such as rules and points for flying drones safely.

Please take a look at the Setouchi Drone Promotion Council, which has the concept of "opening up the future of drones from Setouchi" and expands the circle of "public, private, industry, and academia" through drones.