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Showa Transportation's Website

Working with Showa Transportation and SR Group, we at Ropolo Design Creation are proud to announce our work on Showa Transportation's website.
Showa Transportation provides expert logistics solutions, from warehousing and transportation to customs management and freight forwarding. But that's not their whole story -- Showa Transportation's group companies branch it out into apparel and real estate trades as well as video production and accommodations business.
Care for safety, society, and the environment feature prominently in Showa Transportation's company philosophy, in line with the SR Group philosophy "Design Your Life". It's an active member in the Fukuyama City Global Human Resources Development Project, which is aimed junior and senior high school students, as well as other community endeavors in line with its SDGs, CSR, and CSV.
More information about its outreach in Fukuyama and Hiroshima is available on Showa Transportation's website, so please check the link below.
[Showa Transportation Co.,Ltd's website]