Good food for good times. Informing you about the season's best: Shunshoku-Yoho.
We at Ropolo Design are proud to be a part of Shunshoku-Yoho's mission in designing their website.

About Shunshoku-Yoho :
In partnership with Gurunabi and Weather News, Shunshoku-Yoho parses data from throughout the country
on crop and weather developments to bring the most relevant information to its customers both in the food
industry and those at home.

Every month, we update to feature new produce and detail its nutritional value, a guide on how to select for freshness, and other facts. Also, we provide numerical data for this year's crops, including rainfall, sunlight amount, humidity,
and other parameters.

Also check out "This Month's Shunshoku" featuring Ayaka Matsuyuki! She guides us through the data each month in an easy to understand video. Don't miss it♬

Check out the site to learn more today!♪