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Toho Kogyo Site Renewal

Based in Innoshima in the Seto Inland Sea, Toho Industries is a cooperating company of the world's largest bicycle parts manufacturer, and with its advanced technology and quick response capabilities for automobile and mechanical parts manufacturing, they spare no effort to give their customers reliable and trustworthy products. One of their corporate precepts is "to be a company where employees can be happy and proud", and they strive to raise employees that excel both in- and out-side of the workplace/
Toho Industries's president wanted a web site that would "not only let people know about Toho Industries, but I want them to learn about the beauty of places such as Innoshima or the Shinamani Road in the Seto Inland Sea." We worked hard to create a site to meet these goals. You can see this vision realized throughout the site, especially in the company image video on the site's top, where we cut shots of the island scenery with the factory interior and workers.
On Toho Industries's website, you can feel the bond between the region and the company. Please take a look.
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